Kids West assisted a mother of 3 young children who’s husband left suddenly taking everything, by donating goods, helping with bills, food and Christmas presents. Later we received a letter: “Dear Kids West, We’re back on our feet and doing well, please find enclosed a cheque for $200 to help another family this Christmas”

Maria, Joshua, Mia & Jacob

Our son may not be with us today if it wasn’t for Kids West. We know by the plaque on the Humidi Crib we saw every day for the 2 months our son was in intensive care; it was donated by Kids West. That equipment kept our son, born at 28 weeks suffering from lung failure amongst other things, alive.

Tom & Sarah

Kids West were approached about a small remote town called Coolah, trying to raise funds for a Defibrillator that could be used on young children. The Hospital had managed to raise $5,000 towards the $10,000 machine. Kids West donated the remaining $5,000. 3 years later the Defibrillator was used to save a 6 year olds life on a remote farm.